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Bob Covered: Volume 1

Covers of Mr Dylan (Vol. 1)


dyaln v 1

Yes, it is hard to believe but there are those who do not like Bob Dylan. Hate his voice. Hate his attitude. Hate his unpredictability. Don’t know. Just don’t get him.

But, ‘he did have a couple good songs!’ these people say.

Well here is a collection of Dylan songs by other artists which might help make the medicine go down a bit easier.

Track Listing:

01 Country Pie [Charlie Daniels]

02 Hurricane [Chicago. 26-11-2005] [Phil Lesh]

03 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right [Johnny Cash]

04 Saving Grace [Aaron Neville]

05 With God On Our Side [Buddy Miller]

06 When the Ship Comes In [BBC TV 26-9-2005] [Billy Bragg]

08 Girl from the North Country [Roseanne Cash]

09 Sweetheart Like You [Craig Finn]

10 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind [Johnny Cash]

11 Pledging My Time [Greg Brown]

12 Gotta Serve Somebody [Shirley Caesar]


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Farewell Brother: Leonard Cohen Mixtape


rip-leonardA true mahatma has blessed us for many years.  Rest in real peace, Leonard.

Track Listing:

01 Undertow

02 Suzanne

03 By the Rivers Dark

04 Lullaby

05 Democracy

06 Sisters Of Mercy

07 The Future

08 I’m Your Man

09 Boogie Street

10 You Know Who I Am

11 Nightingale

12 Dance Me to the End of Love

13 Lover Lover Lover

14 Be For Real

15 Banjo

16 Bird On The Wire

17 Anthem

18 Why Don’t You Try

19 Tower of Song

20 Darkness

21 The Captain

22 To A Teacher

23 You Want It Darker

24 Whither Thou Goest


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Foolkiller: Farewelling Mose Allison

Farewell (yet again) to a giant of popular music.



Mose Allison has passed away, the latest music icon in what is turning into a bumper year for the Grim Reaper.

I came late to his fan club. I was well into my 40s when I first heard Mojo Woman, which stopped me dead in my tracks. The notes moved through the room like meandering molten lava. Every inch of space was conquered by the pristine melody and syncopation.

For the next several years Mose was the man I turned to most frequently when I wanted something no other musician could give: bluesy jazz or jazzy blues. Neither and both.

For years, as I trudged through the snow banks at the University of Minnesota, I would see handbills with Mose’s picture stapled to lampposts all over the campus. Sadly, poverty and limited curiosity kept me ignorant of this genius for 25 more years.

When my wife and I were…

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Redemption Song: Farewell to Leonard Cohen



There is a certain cosmic but bitter timing to what happened in the week gone by.

On Tuesday, we watched a rank caricature of a man capture all the keys to the kingdom. On Thursday, we witnessed the passing of one of the true great souls of popular music. It is as if the arrival of the former demanded the departure of the other, like darkness snuffing out the light.

In this week in which some hailed the revival of democracy, but more feared its demise, Leonard Cohen’s song Democracy (The Future/1992) remains the best lyrical exploration of conflicted America yet.

It’s coming from the sorrow in the street
The holy places where the races meet
From the homicidal bitchin’
That goes down in every kitchen
To determine who will serve and who will eat
From the wells of disappointment
Where the women kneel to pray
For the grace of…

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Braziliero Mixtape

Brazilian wax


vamos brasil

A little playlist of Brazilian sounds. Enjoy as you watch the synchronized swimming.

Or wrestling.

Or badminton

Or discus.

Track Listing:

01 Bahia (Aka: Baia) [Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd]

02 Sangria [Ceu]

03 Reza [Flora Purim]

04 Brazil [Frank Sinatra]

05 Brazilica [Ramsey Lewis]

06 Roda [Sergio Mendes and Brasilia 66]

07 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) [feat. Seu Jorge]

08 Desifinado [Joao Gilberto]

09 A Novidade [Gilberto Gil]

10 Tristeza E Solidão [Baden Powell and Vincius De Moraes]

11 Ou Bola Ou Bolica [Tamba Trio]

12 River Song [Bebel Gilberto]

13 Agua de Beber [Jovem Brasa]

14 Samba Dobrado [Djavan]

15 Tamanco Na Samba [O Trio 3D]

16 Chica-Chica-Boom-Chic [Les Etoiles]

17 The Look Of Love [Sergio Mendes and Brasilia 66]

18 Na Rua da Sao Paulo [Kaboko Meu]

19 Brazilian Stomp [George Benson and Earl Klugh]

20 The Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema)…

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Global Gambol


global gambol

Tajikistan, Iraq, Congo, Haiti, Niger, Cuba, Syria, USA, Greece and Azerbaijan are just some countries represented herein!


Track Listing:

01 Dilkash [Habil Aliev]

02 Ishtâr (Assyrian-Babylonian Goddess of Fertility) [Munir and Omar Bashir]

03 Raghuvamsasuta [Chitti Babu]

04 Modar

05 Youyou Aleli Veka [Wendo Kolosoy]

06 Seme lecon [Rodrigue Milien et Combite Creole]

07 Semsam (Assyrian) [Ibrahim Keivo]

08 Criminal Mother-In-Law [Antonis Diamantidis]

09 Ya Ra’ab [Zafa]

10 Marina [Ilham al Madfai]

11 El Microphono ]Mexican Institute of Sound]

12 Bahor omad [Mubaraksho]

13 Imidiwan Win Sahara [Tinariwen]

14 Alma Impura [Orquesta Aragon]

15 Kunglim Guli [Yulduz Usmanova]

16 Ишки пок

17 White Horse In Dark Valley [Riley Lee]


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Early Winter Mixtape

Get a fresh mixtape


She Moves On

An early winter mixtape of warm comforting sounds. Featuring jazzy organ from South Africa (AM Stragglers), covers aplenty, (The Mirettes, Rueben Wilson, Georgia Soul Council) and a touch of jazz, roots, pop and fused qawwali!

She may be gone but you can still smile with this.

Track Listing

01 This Is The Army Of Forgotten Souls [Transglobal Underground]

02 Lady Day [Georgia Soul Council]

03 Mi Confesion [Gotan Project]

04 Go Ahead [Lightning Hopkins]

05 Almost Fed Up With the Blues [John Hiatt]

06 Police [Wajha]

07 The Fisherman Leo Kottke]

08 Jungle Strut [Gene Ammons]

09 Stand by Your Man [The Mirettes]

10 Lady Marmalade [Mongo Santamaria]

11 The Cisco Kid [Rueben Wilson]

12 This Place I Call Home [George Duke]

13 She Moves On [Paul Simon]

14 For Once In My Life [Live] {The Temptations]

15 I’m a Manchild [Uptown Funk Empire]

16 The Long Road [Eddie Vedder…

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Breakthrough Afrika Mixtape

breakthrough afrika

Track Listing v.1

01 Minuit [Fagaru Evolution]

02 Muxima [Os Keizos]

03 Amasco dima no [Rochereau and African Fiesta]

04 Aura moreno[ Tabu Ley Rochereau]

05 Bowao [Tiers Monde]

06 Bholen Mwana [Orchestre Negro Succes]

07 Bahole Njalo [Mahlathini]

08 Camarada Kill Bill [Paulo Flores]

09 Belga [Cesaria Evora]

10 Tezeta [Getatchew Mekurya]

11 Zunkuluke [Quatre Etoiles]

12 Saudades De Luanda [Os Keizos]

13 Tika Nasakola [Sam Mangwana]

14 K’an Ben [Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabate]

15 Makono [Lobi Traore]

16 Wariko [Amadou Balake]



Track Listing v.2

17 Petit Sekou [Bembeya Jazz National]

18 Testament Ya Bowule [Simaro Massiya Lutumba]

19 Rhumba [The Cold Storage Band]

20 Breakthrough [The Funkees]

21 Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu [Brenda Fassie]

22 The More I See You [The Invaders]

23 Mke wa kwanza [Orcestre Simba Wanyki]

24 Awé Ho Mè [Orchestre Black Santiago]

25 Retany [Tarika]

26 Mi Guajeo [Orchestre N’guewel]

27 Almokerkum Neber [Hiru Begele]

28 Marie Lou [Tabu Ley]

29 Mr. Bull Dog (45 Version) [The MEbusas]

30 Tar Hani (My Love) [Bombino]

31 Kôté Don [Rokia Traore]

32 O Mang [Hi Hop Pantsula]


International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day mixtape



Yesterday was International jazz Day.  With America’s greatest cultural contribution in the doldrums (about as popular as snakes and stomach cancer in the polls) let’s do our bit to give good old Jazz a bit of rousing cheer.


Part 1:

01 Soul Stirrin’ [Bennie Green]

02 Bocochê [Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraes]

03 Clarinet Marmelade [Louis Armstrong]

04 Move On [The Bamboos]

05 In Walked Bud [Thelonious Monk]

06 River of Crystals [Kenji Kawai]

07 Young Man [Mose Allison]

08 A Little Yellow Ribbon [Nat King Cole Trio]

09 Without A Song [Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra]

10 Naima’s Love Song [John Hicks Quartet featuring Bobby Watson]

11 Rouvé Canal La [Barel and Honore Coppet]

12 Sialkot[ Red Baraat]

13 Creole Love Call [Art Baron]

14 Cut Plug [Sonny Stitt]

15 G.P.’s Boogie [Muddy Waters Band]

16 Underground System [Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Egypt 80]

Pt. 1

Part 2:

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RIP Brother Gil S-H Mix

Another dear brother leaves for the Mother Ship. RIP Gil Scott Heron


gil scott poloroid

2016 is already a bumper year for the claiming of musical icons. One from each genre leaves the earthly stage about once a month. Bowie, Haggard and now Gil Scott-Heron.

There is so much to say about this man and I may share my thoughts later in another place, but for now here is a slice of the man’s poetic and musical and political genius.

Track Listing:

01 Bicentennial Blues

02 Winter in America (solo version) 2

03 17th Street

04 Lady Day and John Coltrane

05 Where Did the Night Go

06 Sharing

07 The Vulture

08 Shut ‘Em Down (Live) 2

09 Washington D.C. (Live) 2

10 Guerilla 2

11 Possum Slim

12 A Talk : Bluesology, Black History, Jaws, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (live from Wax Museum, Washington DC) 2

13 Peace Go With You, Brother

14 The Liberation Song (Red, Black and Green)


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