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Egyptian Crossroads: Hamid el Shaeri

Tahrir Square

The news from Tahrir Square tonight seems more positive. But of course, that depends very much from which balcony you watch the proceedings.  I felt proud of yet another demonstration of people’s power and the ousting of a man who seemed determined to rule for some more than other.

On the other hand, I felt unsettled that a man and Party elected only a year ago in what was deemed a fair and free election is being pushed out by ‘people’ who could be seen as sour losers.

And I don’t trust any military intervention. Sorry! I’ve lived too long in a country called Pakistan to know any different.

So let’s see what happens in that grand old country. It’s a country we need and a people we need to have empowered.   Go Egypt!

In the meantime, as the dust settles, here’s a bit of Arabic pop from the one and only, former rude-boy of Egyptian music, Hamid el Shaeri.









Track Listing:

01 Ainy

02 Mahma Hawlo

03 Roddy Alia

04 Law Tekdar Tensany

05 Bethebeny

06 Al Fostan Al Aswad

07 Lon Ainaek

08 Tohgorny

09 Waily