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Laid Back: Philip Tabane and Malombo

Philip Tabane (Center) and Malombo

Philip Tabane (Center) and Malombo

Cassette tapes are making a comeback. Every day there is another article about how the youngsters of today are finding out about these cool boxey tape things. Some bands are even releasing their music on tapes as well as vinyl these days.


So here is an old tape I discovered in a box in the garage a long time back.

Philip Tabane is a South African jazz musician who loves innovation and pushing sounds around to see where they go.  Unh! is a pretty laid back affair with lots of guitar noodling, interesting drum patterns and grunts and shouts.


I’ve included a portion of a thesis on this great South African artist which gives you quite an in depth insight into his life, development and influences.


Track Listing:

01 A South African Tribe

02 Sompiro (Fruit)

03 Unh!

04 Ihn Liziyo (The Heart)

05 Kgale (Long Suffering)

06 Lenyora (Thirst)

07 Dibenjo (Banjo)

08 Khutsana (Orphan)

09 Draakies (Cradle)

10 Modumokgole (Sounds from Afar)

11 Leftashe (The World)