Bob Covered: Volume 1

Covers of Mr Dylan (Vol. 1)


dyaln v 1

Yes, it is hard to believe but there are those who do not like Bob Dylan. Hate his voice. Hate his attitude. Hate his unpredictability. Don’t know. Just don’t get him.

But, ‘he did have a couple good songs!’ these people say.

Well here is a collection of Dylan songs by other artists which might help make the medicine go down a bit easier.

Track Listing:

01 Country Pie [Charlie Daniels]

02 Hurricane [Chicago. 26-11-2005] [Phil Lesh]

03 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right [Johnny Cash]

04 Saving Grace [Aaron Neville]

05 With God On Our Side [Buddy Miller]

06 When the Ship Comes In [BBC TV 26-9-2005] [Billy Bragg]

08 Girl from the North Country [Roseanne Cash]

09 Sweetheart Like You [Craig Finn]

10 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind [Johnny Cash]

11 Pledging My Time [Greg Brown]

12 Gotta Serve Somebody [Shirley Caesar]


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4 thoughts on “Bob Covered: Volume 1

  1. Rudra Sentaan

    Dear Ajnabiji – I have a request. Will it be possible for you to reupload Omkarnathji Thakur’s Raag Puriya and Pranavranjani LP albums that you shared previously on Washerman’s dog? That will be greatly appreciated!

    Sorry for posting here, as I did not know how else to contact you.
    Many regards,

      1. Rudra

        Much grateful for sharing the requested album Ajnabiji! Panditji’s works are such masterpieces. Bless you & keep up the great work.

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