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Oh be Joyful: Rev. James Cleveland

JAmes Cleveland

The Reverend James Cleveland did more to ‘mainstream’ black gospel music during this life than any other person.  Sadly, as I and many others have outlined in other places, he led a troubled life that has left his reputation as a man and minister of the Lord in tatters.

And I have to say, it is not without some discomfort that I share his music.  But ultimately, it is about the music.  It may be born in one person’s soul but once born it belongs to everyone.  And besides, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

This is a record I picked up in Pretoria South Africa many years ago. Let it make your Sunday evening a joy.

Track Listing.

Ultimate Collection

01 Don’t Forget To Remember

02 Oh Be Joyful

03 He Decided To Die

04 Use Me Lord

05 God Is Still Working Miracles

06 Save Me Lord

07 I Gave My All To You

08 Thy Will Be Done

09 What A Friend We Have In Jesus

10 The Chariots Is A Comin’

11 For God So Loved The World

12 I Feel A Change

13 He’ll Never Let You Down

14 Give It To Me

15 You’ve Been Truly Wondrously Blessed