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In at the Beginning: Ernest Ranglin

Ernest Ranglin

Ernest Ranglin

Ernest Ranglin did not teach Bob Marley how to play the guitar.  But he does take credit for inventing ska, and being the first one to play guitar in a style now known as reggae. The man who seems to have been involved in the very genesis of reggae and popular Jamaican music of almost every description is still going strong, pushing the boundaries of both reggae and jazz as he pulls the strings on his well travelled guitar.

Here is a link to a recent interview with him from the online reggae magazine United Reggae.  As you read, why don’t you listen to this lovely but often overlooked album with a cool jazz feel, Now is the Time.


Really cool accomplished slick gliding fun and lively.

Now Is The Time

Track Listing:

01 Sly Mongoose

02 Love And Happiness

03 Limbo

04 Ranglypso

05 Freeway

06 Ripe Banana

07 Funny

08 Taboo

09 Cruxian Dance

10 Con Alma

11 Fools Rush In

12 Mountain Melody

13 Lullaby Of The Leaves

14 Fly Me To The Moon

15 Now Is The Time