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None But the Righteous: Chess Gospel Greats



This collection of gospel music tells you a few interesting things.


  • The fabled Polish immigrant brothers Chess sure had an ear for good music.  Before they constructed their world-heritage-worthy reputation as producers of the very defining moments of American electric blues with records by the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Little Water and Junior Wells, they knew how to capture a good gospel shouter on tape.
  • Chicago was truly the hub of African-American musical culture not just for the blues but for gospel as well.  Aretha Franklin and her Rev. father. Sam Cooke’s Soul Stirrers, The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi and Rev. Utah Smith, all worked out of the Windy City or made a point to spend significant time there.
  • Gospel groups have an explained fascination with the suffix, aires. Here we have the Violinaires. Because we are believe that we’ll be playing violins upon arrival at the Pearly Gates?
  • Aretha Franklin is every bit as good a religious artist as a sexy secular one. Check out her contribution, Never Grow Old.
  • Chicago was not just a jumping hub of the music business it’s reputation as a sort of new Jerusalem for southern African Americans was non pareil. Witness the presence of the Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, the Evangelist Singers of Alabama, the Southern Stars. These deep southern groups were obviously finding big audiences who knew of their music in this cold northern metropolis of factories and stockyards.
  • The Rev. Utah Smith, is a damn fine guitar player.
  • There is no doubt why gospel is at the root of so much American R&B, blues and jazz.


God Bless you All! Amen, Brother. Pass the Biscuits!

None But The Righteous


Track Listing:

01  Don’t You Want To Go [The Meditation Singers]

02 None But The Righteous [Norfleet Brothers]

03 Anyway You Bless Me Lord [Bells of Joy]

04 Never Grow Old [Aretha Franklin]

05 Oh What A Meeting [Soul Stirrers]

06 I’ve Been Weeping For A Mighty Long Time [Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi]

07 When My Time Comes [Rev. Alex Bradford]

08 Resting Easy [Soul Stirrers]

09 Two Wings [Rev. Utah Smith]

10 Your Mother Loves Her Children [Rev. C.L. Franklin]

11 Old Time Religion [The Violinaires]

13 Walk In The Light [Evangelist Singers of Alabama]

14 The Angels Keep Watching Over Me [Sammy Bryant]

15 Floods Of Joy [Windy City Four]

16 I’m Gonna Tell God [Elder Beck]

17 You’ve Got The Jordan To Cross [Martha Bass]

18 Don’t Give Up [Southern Stars]