Yep! The time has come to say goodbye.

the-end-of-the-road-columbus-united-states+1152_12816929439-tpfil02aw-24427When I started blogging about music and established the original Washerman’s Dog it was November 2010.  Like the best of such ventures there was no understanding of what I was getting into and certainly no preconcieved notion of how long I would continue.  The driver was a simple desire to share my love of music with ‘whoever’ was out there in the faceless world beyond my computer screen.

Now nearly 5 years later I have run out of steam. So I suppose that is a good reason to say goodbye to the Dog.  What is a blog if its blogger is no longer capable of posting things of interest?  In recent months my posting to WD has been very slow and rarely of the quality I have come to expect of myself.  I’ve never wanted to be a blog that posted music with cut and paste reviews or even worse, no commentary on the music whatsoever.

But as I’ve taken on more structured and intentional writing assignments (mainly for and now with a book on the horizon) not to mention a full time job that has been rather demanding on my energy, my reserves of creative imagination have really run dry. What used to a great joy –sharing an album and writing, sometimes only tangentially I admit, about it–has become a burden. And if it is no longer fun, why do it? How can a burdensome effort spark what was always intended as a joyful celebration of one of Life’s Great Pleasures?

One of the unexpected consequences of my starting the Washerman’s Dog has been just how much my musical horizons have expanded.  What started with a nibbling at the offerings of South African music at Electric Jive led to a mind blowing opening to the utterly stunning variety and quality of music of Africa as a whole.  Other blogs, many now long dead like Toroyloco, Tangled up in Blue, Snap Crackle Pop, Anthems for the Nation of Loubaniya , TajMahal Foxtrot and Twliight Zone (just to skim the surface of the surface of a few that pop to mind) exposed me or deepend my understanding of South Asian music, European folk, Latin American and all kinds of jazz and R&B.  Interestingly, one gap that remains unfilled is a blog focussed on classic country and western music, especially Honky Tonk.  A major opportunity for someone out there!

So I leave with a much broader understanding of music as well as a deeper humility about how little I know about music. Really.  What I’ve learned in 5 years far exceeds anything I’ve shared.

Blogging has also made me comfortable with a shorter, more concise form of writing for which I am also grateful.

I will miss being a part of the keen music lover community that spreads around the globe. To all those who followed and commented and ‘liked’ and downloaded and shared my posts, I say thank you so much. I really got a kick out of hearing from you and am humbled by your suipport and words of encouragement.  It seemed that WD, while not the most popular by any stretch of the imagination, was a well loved little blog by quite a consistently loyal community.  And its been fun to share ideas, and musics with all of you.

I am now going to focus on writing in fulfillment of a book deal I’ve signed (or soon will). The book will be on Lollywood, Pakistan’s little known sibling of Bollywood.  I’ll need all my creative juices flowing as I research and put together the first such history. So I’m excited about that and feel saying farewell to this blog is justified.

The Dog’s companion blog, Harmonium, which focuses on South Asian music will remain active at least for the time being as it may be a good outlet for some of the research I do in connection with the book.

So once again, thanks for all the fun folks. But this really is the last post for Washerman’s Dog.  Bow wow, woof woof and ruff ruff ruff.




16 thoughts on “Yep! The time has come to say goodbye.

  1. e2thec

    Nate, congrats on the book deal, and I do understand why you need to cut down on other activities. I hope you will leave this blog as is, and not take it down. There are so many good comments and links here, and much I had not thought much about – it’s surprising how interesting some music turns out to be *if* a person (i.e., me) encounters it in a different context, and with someone else’s thoughts to accompany it (yours and those of other commenters/readers).

    Perhaps blogging will be something you return to in time, but hey! Thanks for the great blog, for all your time and passion for music, and for everything else you’ve brought to the music blogsophere over the past several years. You will be missed, but I look forward to the book you’re writing, too.

    All best wishes,
    e. ( )

      1. Mr Harmonium Post author

        Hi Miguel, you’ve been a great source of new sounds for me and encouragement and inside jokes along the way! I’m glad to see you’re still in the game! Chiao mon amigo!

    1. Mr Harmonium Post author

      Hi e2ethec, what a nice note! I really have appreciared your being a regular checker-in of the blog over the years. it is really nice, as I said in the post, to have been part of a community of intimate strangers! Take care and i’m sure you will hear about the books! Keep listening!
      Nate (Washerman’s Dog).

  2. Skydog

    thanks so much for investing your time to research and offer us a wide palate of sound
    I will miss your excellent writing of mostly music I have had a lifelong affection with
    farewell Washerman…. the Skydog 🙂

  3. Feilimid

    Best wishes on the book. I expected this news given the slowdown in posting over the past few months. Of course, nothing lasts forever but I wish this blog did and will greatly miss the eclectic mix of music you posted here and the compilations you created. This blog was truly unique and even prompted me to look up the various versions of the tale of the washer man’s dog.

    I hope that you notify those of us who have subscribed when your book is published so that we may purchased it. More importantly, many thanks for the time and effort you expended in consistently providing me and other followers with a wonderful listening experience. Visiting here was always a greatly entertaining and informative experience that was never disappointing. By the way, please don’t minimize the extent to which, through this blog and Harmonium, you, too, have broadened our musical experiences. You will always be “a part of and, more importantly, a contributor to “the keen music lover community that spreads around the globe” as long as I have my downloads from this blog available for re-listening. As we say in Irish, Go raibh mille math agat agus saol fada a thabhairt duit! (A thousand thanks to you and long life on you.)

    1. Mr Harmonium Post author

      Hi Feilimid, what kinds words! I really treasure those and will of course let all and sundry now about the book when it comes out. A novel will be published first, hopefully in tne next 6 months or so. Never been to Ireland but one day! Have had many many good Irish colleagues in my overseas work and I’m sure it will not surprise you to know that when it came time for a good time and a party and laugh after a tough long day in the field it was the Irish who were always in there first!

      Take care,

  4. Jean-Pierre Prieto

    Good bye, Washerman Dog..
    Let’s then switch to The Harmonium, I hope you will have time to keep it alive for a little while …. You brought me so much good Indian music, I can’t imagine I can do without now.
    Anyway, as you say, when the fun is gone, it is useless to go on as if …
    I wish you all the best for your new challenges !
    Jean-Pierre (from France).

  5. Giovanni Tonin

    there are too many abandoned music blogs floating through the either-net all of them amazing collections completely unknown masterworks to magnificent compilations Washerman’s Dog, wag that tail proudly and then go crazy scratching the ground a bit, lick the gens if you really feel it and show some teeth too, yeah you earned it dog…..nice


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