(Belated) New Year’s Greetings


I know. One twelfth of the year is already history! So this post is a bit late but I reckon it is still early enough in this fifteenth year of the twenty first century to share some fresh sounds from mainly non-mainstream artists (in the West or on commercial radio at least).

 Cheap Ring cover

Track Listing:

01 Aye Go Mila Dubwize [Dennis Bovell] A bit of dubstep to get things moving from this one time collaborator of Linton Kwesi Johnson.

02 Serán Dos Seixedos [A. Buxaina] Galician folk music from northwest Iberia.

03 Lokada Kalaji [Raghu Dixit] Kannada bhangra with a brass band Led Zep twist.

04 Rumba SoYo [Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca] Updated Congolese Rumba for the new year.

05 Two-Step De Port Arthur [BeauSoleil with Michael Doucet] Honest to the bone Cajun music from the Louisana bayous.

06 Gente Pota [Caxade] Bucolic pastoral folk music from Spain

07 Mali Cuba [AfroCubism] Mali and Cuba old (and some young) boys collaborate to make lovely music.

08 Silent Passage [Bob Carpenter] Long lost gem of an unsung American folkie from the 70’s. Originally cut in 73 but issued in 1984, it finally gets reheard in 2015.

09 Full Moon and Empty Arms [Bob Dylan] Mr Z pays tribute to Frank on his upcoming album.

10 Wedding Dress [Alice Gerrard] 80 year old bluegrass cult figure comes out with strong music many years later.

11 Simbo [Kasse Mady Diabate] Malian kora player and collaborator with Taj Mahal, Afro Cubism and others, goes solo. Heartwrenching.

12 Sun Down [Tricky Featuring Tirzah] English club music, dark and tasty.

13 Dripping [Blonde Redhead] Gaze at your shoes.

14 Sparta [Jennifer Castle] In the long line of Canadian folkies comes Jennifer Castle. What a fluid voice!

15 Glory [Wye Oak] Baltimore’s best indie rock band in their Glory.

16 Where The River Don’t Flow [Liz Green] Manchester UK based singer takes up an ancient theme with a lilting piano lead.

17 When The Trail Goes Cold [Wooden Wand] James Jackson Toth aka Wooden Wand is a free spirit who refuses to be labeled by the music industry. Hints of Bob D anyone?

18 Look in Vain (radio edit) [New Build] Neo-disco from UK electronic boffins.

19 Lai Sing [Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band] Simply wonderfully unexpected Thai pop music.

20 Call of the Moose [Willy Mitchell] Canadian First National Willy sings about the icon of the frozen north. Rediscovered recording from the 1970s.

21 Cortez the Killer [Carrie Rodrigues] An unusual take on this Neil Young classic.

22 You’re Not Alone [Solomon Burke] No comment needed.

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