Pre Consciousness: Lonnie Holley

Lonnie Holley American artist

Lonnie Holley
American artist

Lonnie Holley has produced an alluring record. In the very sense of ‘allure’ this music is ‘strangely attractive’. It is not easy to pin down and categorise or even get a grip of its structure. More akin to free flowing stream of consciousness poetry recitation than the R&B it has been labeled as, Just Before Music, is an apt title.

The feeling is that of music made before some undefined point when it became known as such. A prehistoric, perhaps pre-conscious time when there were sounds, peeps, and shimmers and slices of music but nothing more.

Lonnie has a unique story to tell: one of 27 siblings, death, unexpected artistry, the White House, homelessness and now a second wave of fame in the musical sphere.

Vulnerable, idiosyncratic, fragile are other ways to describe this man’s music. And fresh. And Original.

Just Before Music

Track Listing:

01 Looking for All (All Rendered Truth)

02 Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door

03 Mama_s Little Baby

04 The End of the Film Era

05 Fifth Child Burning

06 Earthly Things

07 Planet Earth and Otherwheres



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