Brothers of Song: Hermanos Santa Cruz

Hermanos Santa Cruz

Hermanos Santa Cruz

Hermanos Santa Cruz are a group of Afro-Peruvian musicians who came together in the late 1980s in Peru and who have gained a strong following across Latin America and Europe. Sons of one of the most prominent Afro-Peruvian figures, Nicodemus Santa Cruz, Rafo and Octavio Castillo are on a mission to keep the rich but historically marginalised music of their people alive and vital.


This is a record that took me a little longer than expected to warm to but I can report that I have. The sounds are of course ‘latin’ but without the brass and large band sound of popular salsa music. Rather there is a ‘country’ feel to the soundscape…lots of acoustic guitars and Latin percussion of many many types. The singing is strong and most numbers clip along in a very danceable mode.


Overall, a nice little record of a band that deserves a wider audience.

Afro Peru

Track Listing:

01 Eriko Maka Maka

02 Alcatraz

03 Toto Mata

04 Oita No Ma

05 Tinga Que Tinga

06 Los Tamaleros

07 Que Viva Mi Mamá

08 A La Molina

09 Don Antonio Mina

10 Negrito De La Huayrona

11 La Morena Trinidad

12 Mi Comare Cocoliche

13 El Tamalito

14 Negro Tiene Que Ser-Ven A Mi Encuentro

15 Mueve Tu Cucu



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