Whirling: Kudsi Erguner


Now living in Paris, Turkish musician Kudsi Erguner is a major force in the development of World Music. His ney (Turkish reed flute) playing and compositions have been highlighted in Martin Scorcese’s film the Last Temptation of Christ, albums by Peter Gabriel, theatre and film pieces by Peter Brook, and ballet productions by Maurice Bejart and Carolyn Carlson.  He has led expeditions to the Near East, for the purpose of documenting and preserving indigenous music.  In Paris, he established Mevlana, a center for the study of classic music and teachings of the Sufis, and brought the traditional music of the 16th century Ottoman Empire to an international public.

Kudsi Erguner

Kudsi Erguner


Kudsi Erguner’s album Islam Blues is full of the poems of praise to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), anecdotes from his life along with love poems composed in Arabic during the lifetime of the Prophet.


The dervish disciples gather together in the cloisters to invoke the name of God.  These ceremonies, also known as ‘zikr’, are always accompanied by a music that accentuates the emotions and ecstasies of the rites.


The core of the musicians on Islam Blues are the same Turkish musicians who make up kudsi’s traditional group. Kudsi says the ‘blues’ in Islam Blues’ doesn’t relate specifically to the Afro-American folk music, but rather indicates a general musical atmosphere.  (from liner notes)


Track Listing

01 One World

02 Adjem Blues

03 Mediterranien

04 Sarki

05 Camel

06 Moonrise

07 Twins



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