Innocence and Dissonance: Isaiah Owens

Isaiah Owens

Isaiah Owens

Musical expression does not correspond in equal or even rough proportion to musical ability.  More important than the ability to master an instrument is having something to say. But even that ability is not sufficient. It is knowing how to work with and within your limitations that makes the difference.


Louis Armstrong is considered not only the first jazz revolutionary because he found a new way to play the trumpet but because he broke the accepted mode of singing wide open.  In the words of one critic Armstrong had the greatest influence on American popular singing of any other artist.  He was able to use his husky unschooled very limited vocal range to express deep pathos and sublime joy and every feeling in between.  Without Armstrong that other ‘great’ American singer Dylan would have been a writer of other singers songs, not one of the most vital performers of the last century.

Isaiah Owens, is another stellar example of this phenomenon.



This gospel music has the qualities both of innocent discovery as well as the wisdom of haunted experience.  Not like anything you’ve heard before.

isaiah owens front isaiah owens back


Track Listing:

01 You Without Sin.

02 Jesus Will Provide.

03 I’ll Fly Away.

04 If It Wasn’t For The Lord.

05 Slip In & Tip In.

06 Prayer Wheel.

07 I’ve Been Down To The Water.

08 Everything Will Be Alright.

09 Yes Jesus Loves Me.

10 Cheerful Angels Commercial.

11 I Wonder Do You Know.

12 Wake Me, Shake Me.

13 Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

14 Heaven Must Be A Beautiful Place.

15 God Bless Our Love.

16 I’ve Decided That Jesus Is My Choice.

17 He Is Real In My Soul.

18 If I’ve Done Anything Wrong.



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