I was so much older then: Happy Birthday Bob


Bob keeps on rolling and tumbling.  He was so much older then. He’s younger than that now. He seems to be forever young. Even though the times are a changin’ times passes slowly when you’re in a dream. Ultimately his name it means nothing and his age it means less.


Happy 73rd birthday to you Robert Zimmerman.


Track Listing:

01 Jokerman [Live Bootleg]

02 Silvio

03 Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Finjan Club, Montreal)

04 One Too Many Mornings

05 Tell Ol’ Bill

06 All Along The Watchtower [Live]

07 Baby Stop Crying

08 I Threw It All Away [Live]

09 I Don’t Believe You

10 Train Of Love [Live Bootleg}

11 Just Like A Woman [Live]

12 Early Roman Kings

13 Love Minus Zero (No Limit) [Live]

14 Mississippi (Unreleased, Time Out Of Mind)

15 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [Live]

16 My Blue Eyed Jane [Live]

17 Dixie

18 Something There Is About You

19 Pressing On

20 Trust Yourself

21 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall [Live]

22 Series of Dreams

23 Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine

24 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

25 Rank Strangers To Me

26 Full Moon and Empty Arms



7 thoughts on “I was so much older then: Happy Birthday Bob

  1. Thom Hickey

    Thanks .. Especially like the choice of Pressing On .. The fox warfield versions virtually define ecstatic fervour. You may enjoy BD posts on the immortal jukebox. Regards Thom


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