Business before Pleasure: The Way Too Much Travel Mixtape


I’ve been travelling WAY too much of late and now I’m heading home. A full fortnight in one bed! With my family! Cooler climes (today, I’m told is the first real rainy, wintry day in Melbourne this year)! Aussie rules all weekend! No work (well, almost none)!


Maybe I’ll have time to blog more often!?


When Will Peace Break Out in the Middle East?


Why Do We still Tolerate Child Abuse?


Is North Korea the new black?


Why is half a duck?


Are oranges the only fruit?


Does Donald Trump really exist?


Did you know Santa was married three times?


While you contemplate these questions, have a listen to some songs that have tickled my music bone of late.


Bon voyage!

business pleasure


Track Listing:

01Alwar Song (Madras, Vocal, Tambura, Sruti Peti) [Unknown]

02 Sufism [Zeb]

03 Margret Odero [D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz]

04 Hail The King [Wali and the Afro Caravan]

05 Houlala Mopanze [Roitlet]

06 Move It On Over [George Thorogood and the Destroyers]

07 Jake’s Boogie [Mike Eldred]

08 How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live [Ry Cooder]

09 Laili Jaan [Zeb and Haniya]

10 Rank Strangers [Marty Stuart and Vince Gill]

11 San Quentin [Johnny Cash]

12 Gregory C. [Bill Frisell]

13 My Sister’s Tiny Hands [Handsome Family]

14 Fried Pies (Take 1) [Wes Montgomery]

15 John McLaughlin [John Hartford]

16 Adorada socorro [Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Acordeones Dorades]

17 Gathering [Deep Forest]

18 Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies [Jackson Browne]

19 Bitaîhi  [Habib Gueroummi]

20 An Earnest Prayer [The Radio Four]

21 Naallu Perukku Nandri [MGR]

22 Sexopolis [Jean Pierre Mirouze]

23 African Village_Bedford Stuyvesant [Randy Weston]

24 Ahesta Ahesta [Ahmad Zahir]

25 Janme Gokul Mein [Urmila Srivastava]

26 Business Before Pleasure [George Akaeze & His Augmented Hits]



2 thoughts on “Business before Pleasure: The Way Too Much Travel Mixtape

  1. jazztraveler

    Traveling way too much as well. Have not managed to get a forthnight at home, but at least a week. Sorry, but will not contemplate your questions, have my own, but will listen to the record you recommend. Thanks for sharing!


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