700 and Counting

slidevinylcollectable0It is hard to believe, but since this blog began, way back in November 2010, over 700 posts have come and gone!  The number of slices of musical pie is probably well over that figure.  All things remaining equal, the future should roll on in a pattern similar to the last three years.

Lots of things have happened over those years.  Many stalwart bloggers have either moved on to other things, run out of steam or been shut down by mysterious ‘authorities’.  In 2010 there was (or so it seems to me) a lot more variety of music available. And more interesting blogs.  But then Megaupload was shut down and the jitters went through the community. People folded up their tents and moved to Spotify and Pandora.  Maybe they just got a life.

Obama was reelected. I was laid off.  I grew a bit fatter and then started a music business called Harmonium Music.  A bit later I started a second blog, the Harmonium Music Blog, dedicated exclusively to the music of South Asia and the diaspora.  I dropped Blogger and moved to WordPress. And in the meantime, I invented the internet and was nominated for the Nobel Peas Prize.

Anyway, it has been fun and while my working life takes more of my days and energy up I intend to keep a-going.  And in fact, over the next few weeks I’ll be posting 700 songs categorized into my favorite genres: country, blues, Indian, Pakistani, jazz and so on.

Stay tuned and thanks for coming along for the journey.

Long may we run!



12 thoughts on “700 and Counting

  1. Phillip

    And a great site it is too. I do not know how you manage it. You deserve more peas prizes than the princess got. Keep it up.

  2. Daniel Ludwig

    Great blog! I am going through each post. Is there a way to see the previous posts? Before May 2013??


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