Oud of this World: Fawzy Al-Aiedi


Long term readers of this blog will know how much I love the sound of the oud (Arabian lute).  Whenever, I need that particular tonic for a tired mind and body, there is nothing quite so calming as a lute plucked, slowly and with intent.


Fawzy Al Aiedy

Fawzy Al Aiedy

Fawzy Al-Aiedi (also spelled, Al Yedi) is a Iraqi oud player from the southern port city of Basra. Educated in Baghdad and in Europe he has recorded and performed around the world.  This album of solo oud pieces, accompanied on several tracks by his own singing is a beauty.  Have found great pleasure in it over the years. And I hope you do too.

Oud Aljazira

Track Listing:

01 Nahawend

02 Touli

03 Oud Aljazira

04 Shamoussa

05 Rast

06 Hid Jaz Kar

07 Hallaj

08 Gharib

09 Nassiryah

10 Milad

11 Chamelier

12 Dialogue E Sourds

13 Bayati



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