Flying solo: Evgeni Orkin

Ukrainian flute player

Ukrainian flute player

Solo clarinet.  Bare bones music not too far away from some style of jazz in sensibility.

The clarinet is an instrument I’ve taken some time to warm too. Always loved the honey enwrapped sounds of Mozart’s Concerto for Clarinet but there the sweetness was supported and enveloped in stirring gentle strings.

All too often, however, the clarinet sound has struck me as too brittle and erratic. Perhaps it was my friends in school who struggled with the instrument, to make it sing rather than squeak and squawk.

Today’s post is a recording I could not have warmed to even several years ago. But that I am sharing it is proof that even old men can learn and change.

Evgeni Orkin is a German citizen of Ukrainian origin.  Born only in 1977 he has become one of the leading exponents of modern classical composition, the saxophone and, the clarinet.  With several symphonies and other major compositions to his credit he is a regular feature on the Continental music scene.

As the year winds down to its inevitable end there is something about this pristine music that both quiets and excites the soul.

Ladies and gentlemen: Evgeni Orkin and his magical clarinet.

Modern Clarinet Classics_ Masterpieces of the 20th Century

Track Listing:

01 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet  I. Molto tranquillo

02 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet  I

03 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet  III.

04 Solo Clarinet Sonata  I. Lento, poco rubato

05 Solo Clarinet Sonata  II. Allegro giusto

06 Sequenza IXa

07 Concerto for Clarinet Solo, Spiel am Rande des Abgrunds

08 Inschrift  I.

09 Inschrift  II.

10 Inschrift  III.

11 Inschrift  IV.

12 Judische Suite, Op. 10  I.

13 Judische Suite, Op. 10  II.

14 Judische Suite, Op. 10  III.

15 Judische Suite, Op. 10  IV.



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