Christmas Hymns for Syria: Fairuz

Syrian refugee children make a snowman in Turkey.

Syrian refugee children make a snowman in Turkey.

Christmas has snuck up on me this year. I’ve not had much time to look at the calendar in the last few months and suddenly everyone is off for their holidays to Burma, Bali, Denmark and USA.  I, alas, remain behind here in KL. And the family, double alas, in Melbourne.


To ring in the season we share a Christmas album from the one and only Fairuz. A couple of traditional seasonal songs mixed in with Arabic and presumably French carol tunes. Nothing too adventurous or audacious. But as always Fairuz sings with a lightness and as appropriate to my take on the season, low key and relaxing.


Given the horrific times in her native Lebanon and neighboring Syria, where children, families and old folks are struggling to survive in the snow, seemingly ignored a world content to let their country cannablise itself, these soft songs take on healing properties.


If you would like to make a donation to the people of Syria, here are a couple of links that can provide you with more information and a link to donate.  AS always, WD gets 0% of any donations.




To donate:

Christmas Hymns

Track Listing:

01 Carillons

02 Sawt El Eid (Silent Night)

03 Laylet Eid (Jingle Bells)

04 Talj Talj

05 Najmet Eid (Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes)

06 Ya Mariyam El Bekr

07 Soubhan El Kalima

08 Arsalallah

09 Ya Oum Allah

10 Carillons




3 thoughts on “Christmas Hymns for Syria: Fairuz

  1. Barron Beshoar

    I’ll give you credit for your Christmas thoughts for the people of Syria, but as one who has collected Fairuz recordings for several years I have to say–this album is truly awful. I had to go back and listen to Malika Pukhraj and Tahira Syed again to purify my ears!
    Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Mr Harmonium Post author

      Barron, indeed there are a few screamers on there…but not all of them are bad! But glad Malika and Tahira were able to come to the rescue! Thanks for all the good wishes! You too. May the fracting cease!

  2. beetor

    Well, I like this! It’s fun and beautiful. I’ll be playing this at Christmas. I never realised the Legendary Fairuz was Christian. Gosh, she does have the most extraordinary voice – one of the best. Thanks.


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