Begin or End the Week with a Smile: Black Beats Band


What better way than to start a new week (or end a very full weekend) then the joyous sounds of Ghanaian highlife.

The Black Beats Dance Band was founded in 1952 by King Bruce and Saka Acquaye. Bruce, born in 1922, had already played with a number of the giants of the Ghana danceband scene like E.T. Mensah and Kofi Ghanaba, and the Black Beats were a very influential group for their time, recording innumerable hits and giving birth to several other outstanding orchestras including Jerry Hanson’s Ramblers Dance Band and Acquaye’s African Ensemble. 

Waw waw palm guitars, languid sax players, incessant gentle tapping beats and flaring trumpets. This is Highlife at its best!!!

Tropical Rhythm

Track Listing:

01 Enya Wo Dofo

02 Ninani Mina

03 Lai Momo

04 Nantsew Yie

05 Abasi Do

06 Mo Fe Ron Re

07 Me Kaperba

08 Menyiber Sem

09 Meni Agye

10 Aban Nkaba



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