In the Time of Franco Did the People Groove: Spanish Cinema Music 68-78


In the late sixties and early to mid seventies, while Spain was still under Franco’s last years of dictatorship, Spanish cinema entered two important periods known as “Landismo” (named after actor Alfredo Landa) and “Destape” (The Strip Period). Lots of bizarre, soft-erotic/comedy and exploitation films were shot, most of them featuring groovy and delirious soundtracks. Serious and well-respected musicians like Anton Garca Abril, Adolfo Waitzman and Gregorio Garcia Segura incorporated the latest musical trends which came from other European countries like Italy and France to their work. This was a frenetic period, in which these composers adopted the hip and modern sounds of the time to their compositions for soundtracks, mixing them with their Spanish roots, resulting in an avalanche of incredible soundtracks for exploitation films. Virtually every Spanish comedy/exploitation/action film released during 1968 and 1974 included the typical scene of “young people dancing to groovy music at the club full of weird hippies”, especially if the directors were people like Pedro Lazaga and Mariano Ozores and the cast featured actors like Alfredo Landa or Jos Luis Lopez Vasquez. Sadly, the majority of these soundtracks are lost forever, as they were never released on vinyl and the audio master tapes usually were erased or ended up in the trashcan. On ‘Psicotronica’ you’ll find tracks taken from real soundtracks along others which sound 100% cinematic but were never included in any film. All of them taken from unknown records released in Spain between 1968 and 1978, including many rare library private recordings. A real fest of Spanish styled blaxploitation & library grooves, psychedelic funk full of flute, fuzz and wah-wah guitars, Hammond grooves, sexploitation sounds, bossa-scat nuggets, thriller-spy-action. grooves. (


This description could fit the way in which Indian movies depicted the ‘hip’ world of grooving Western young people in the same period. While you won’t find any sitars or table mixed in with rock n’ roll you will be charmed by screaming guitars, soul horns and much agitated jabbing of organ keyboards.  Excellent stuff!  Freak out your friends at the next party with this soundtrack replete with soft porn murmurs of ‘si, si, si’!




Track Listing

01 Montecarlo Beach [Adolfo Waitzman Orquesta]

02 Atrapados [Jou Cogra]

03 En Busca de Daniel [Calderón]

04 El Hombre de Hoy. [Greg Segura y su Orquesta]mp3

05 Encuentros 4A Fase 2 [Africa Ríos]

06 Todo Controlado [Jou Corgra]

07 Bajamar [Orquesta Antonio Latore]

08 Harlem Dreams [Ray Martin]

09 Sao Paulo 2 [Alcy Agüero y su Orquesta Pop]

10 Stress [Jaime Perez]

11 Without Words [The Friends Band Co.]

12 Amb Aquells Ulls Tan Blaus [Fernando Orteu]

13 Serra Do Carioca [J.Torregrosa]

14 Solos Tú y Yo [Fernando Orteu]

15 Trepa Que Te Trepa [Nena Catherine]

16 Drumfire [Chalton Flyes]

17 De 9 A 6 [Decibels A Go Go]




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