Friday Night Music: Italian Cinema Jazz

Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale


Sorry for the down turn in posts, but in the past 2 months I’ve shifted gears dramatically.  I am now living overseas, away from my beloved family. I’ve jumped feet first into a new job which promises to keep me more than busy for as far as I can see.  Through all of this I’ve not had much time or opportunity to keep the Posts going.


But as it is Friday night and I’ve got some space to slow the pace down a bit over the weekend, I’ll share a tasty little bit of musical fun.


Tripped out psychedelia from the Italian cinema scene – great stuff from the late 60s through mid 70s – filled with percussion heavy mod rhythms, loads of leftfield oddball flourishes, and pulpy grooves galore! This set was compiled by Carlo Bagnolo and Claudio Fuiano who do a terrific job of assembling trippy, but never too wild stuff by some of the heavyweights of the era, along with some less familiar names – and the tunes are total gems! It’s a mostly wordless batch, with some surprisingly funky bass and percussion, loungey horns, strings and flute, and loads of trippier elements at the fringes! Titles include “She’s A Born Loser” by Phil Clinton & Peter Smith, “Bali” (new edit) and “Donna Piu'” by Giorgio Gaslini, “2968” by Carlo Savina, “Danza Primitiva” and “Cinque Bambole Rosa by Piero Umiliani, “Blue Rhythm Festival” (new edit) by Piero Piccioni, “Mood” by Augusto Martelli, “Fai Presto, Fai Presto” by Gianni Ferrio and more. 14 tracks in all – a number of which are on CD for the first time ever!  (Dusty Groove)



A Trip - Just A Little...Beat

Track Listing:

01 Bali [Giorgio Gaslini]

02 She’s Born Loser [Phil Clinton & Peter L Smith]

03 2968 [Carlo Savina]

04 Danza Primitiva [Piero Umanili]

05 Il Magnate (New Edit) [Piero Umanili]

06 Cinque Bambole Rosa (Organo E Ritmi) [Piero Umiliani]

07 Miner’s Story (New Edit) [S. Brugnolini & L. Malatesta]

08 Blue Rhytm Festival (New Edit) [Piero Piccioni]

09 Coincidenze [Ennio Morricone]

10 Society Rhythm & Blues [S. Brugnolini & L. Malatesta]

11 Fai Presto, Fai Presto [Gianni Ferrio]

12 Mood [Augusto Martelli]

13 Gungala, La Pantera Nuda (Jazz) [S. Brugnolini & L. Malatesta]

14 Donna Piu [Giorgi Gaslinin]




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