The Latest Pt.2: Imani Uzuri

Imani Uzuri

Imani Uzuri

Imani Uzuri’s voice is one of those that rocks you, rolls you and shakes you.  Even when she is whispering and reflective.  My current vibrations seem to be calling out to Afro-American women with powerful, distinctive voices.  Last post was Drea D’Nur. Today it is the utterly amazing Imani Uzuri from down Carolina way.


Her voice is the instrument, the entire world, the essence of reality. Joan Armatrading, Bettye Lavette, Leotyne Price, Nina Simone and  Meshell Ndegeocello are all her soul sisters. From the first notes you know this is a deep well full of blessing and excitement.  Apparently, I’m the late comer, once again.  Imani has been gigging around the Big Apple and the world for a number of years and collaborated with the likes of Gil Scott-Heron and John Legend.


Here is an article with some nice clips from the magazine Deep Roots. What an album!

The Gypsy Diaries

Track Listing:

01 Beautiful

02 Whisperings (We Are Whole) – Radio Edit

03 Winter Song

04 O’ Woman

05 I Sing the Blues

06 Lament

07 Gathering

08 Meet Me At the Station

09 Raga for My Lovers

10 You Know Me You Love Me

11 Soul Still Sings

12 Dream Child

13 I’m Read/ She Came Traveling





4 thoughts on “The Latest Pt.2: Imani Uzuri

  1. Phillip

    Have to say Imani has really grown on me. Her compositions are original and the tonings in her voice resonates of Toni Childs.


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