The Latest: Drea D’Nur

Drea D'Nur

Drea D’Nur


I don’t know much about Drea N’Dur but she apparently has African antecedents.  She is a contemporary R&B artist based out of New York and this is her most recent record.  A very nice contribution to humanity. Her voice is strong and warm and her lyrics sexy and socially conscious.




Track Listing:

01 Beautiful

02 Cry For Change

03 Systematic Slavery

04 I Hid My Love (inside my hips)

05 Please Don’t Judge Me

06 Butterfly

07 Love Stereo

08 The Way (Uncut)

09 Dua of Light

10 Love Equals Light





2 thoughts on “The Latest: Drea D’Nur

  1. Feilimid

    D’Nur was born in Buffalo, New York and is married to rapper Quadir Ibn Lateef Habeeb (Quadir Lateef). Thank you so much for posting her music. I have just discovered your blog and the eclectic mix of music by artists such as Ernest Ranglin, Adullah Ibrahim, and blues artists such as Blind Willie Johnson, Ma Rainey, and others is fantastic. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to provide all of this in one blog. I am thrilled to have found you.


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