Chillin’ in Ouagadoudou: Mangue Konde



Well, I am back from my several weeks away. I’ll be posting some music from those travels (Fiji and the Solomon Islands) in the future but for now, on a brightish spring morning, it’s a pleasure to share with you the 1978 record of Mangue Konde, a groovy guitarist from Burkina Faso.  This record was made in the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) and was originally shared by the gold encrusted master of West African blogs, oro.


During my many days in Honiara, in between  hours spent writing up what I was there to write up, I’d listen to this record.  Konde’s scratchy, absolutely hip guitar playing and exertion-challenged vocalising is the very definition of languid. If I were a guitar player I’d want to sound like this.


Perfect for a hot day, chilled beer and not much on the agenda.

Ikele Tate

Track List:

  1. An kala Kamiri
  2. Bondala loli
  3. Couba
  4. Ikélé Katé
  5. Kabendo
  6. Mangue K



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