Viva Colombia: Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto





Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto were born in San Jacinto in the Colombian Department of Bolívar in the 1940s. The gaiteros meaning those who play the gaita flute. Miguel Antonio Hernández Vásquez also known as “Toño” Fernández, assembled a group of San Jacinto musicians including Juan and José Lara, Pedro Nolasco Mejía and Manuel de Jesus “Mañe” Serpa who formed the group’s official line-up.


From the 1950s onwards, they began touring Colombia, managed by writer and researcher Manuel Zapata Olivella. As decades passed, the group began incorporating a second generation of musicians, among whom can be found some of the sons of the original line-up.


En 1982, due to Toño Fernández’s health problems, Joaquín Nicolás Hernández Pacheco, Fernández’s nephew, took the role of director of the band.


Currently, the group is headed by four of the original members, Nico, Toño, Juancho and Rafa Rodríguez, who perform with a new generation of gaiteros: Gabriel Torregrosa (son), Fredys Arrieta, Dionisio Yepes, Gualber Rodríguez and other young musicians who occasionally play with the group. (Wikipedia)


This music is refreshing in its simplicity and very alluring. It is not quite like anything I’ve heard recently, which doesn’t mean it is ‘out there’. Just a sudden and unexpected zephyr from Latin America.   Here is a recent interview with the group. Read it while you enjoy this pure and rustic music from across the oceans!


Asi tocan los indios


Track Listing:


01 El ñeque


02 Campo Alegre


03 El pondito


04 La cumbia de Arnulfa Helena


05 Rogelio


06 Asi tocan los indios


07 Viene amaneciendo


08 Candelilla Brava


09 Mi recorrida


10 Mi testamento


11 El nacimiento de Felipe


12 Rosita


13 Pobre chindo, pobre Mañe


14 Canto de zafra Eliécer Mejía y Juan Chuchita


15 Las tres barrigonas


16 Dolores Kumba









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