Glitch notice No. 66-2








When you’re rushing out the door for the plane, have multiple devices and data bases and aren’t thinking, glitches happen.

I apologize to followers of WD for the recent interruption to the service!  While overseas the series on American Blues will be suspended (but continue upon return to the Lucky Country) due to aforementioned glitch.  Links to Vol 3 and 4 of that series likewise will be repaired upon safe landing back on home shores

In the meantime, attempts will be made to restart the posts, hopefully within the next 18 hours or so.

Apologies sought and thanks in advance for granting your indulgences.





3 thoughts on “Glitch notice No. 66-2

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  2. Mike

    Just for info – upon your return……..Mediiafire now denies access for d/l on Vol. 2 of Scattered History: “Time Drawing Near”. All of the ADrive files worked fine.


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