Dance of the Flaming Sword: Friday Night Mixtape

flaming sword


What have we in this Friday Night Special mixtape?


Delta Blues and rai, several reggae tunes from Desmond Dekker and Lee ‘Scratch’, some jazzy film scores from Spain and an acid-jazz depiction of America.  David Byrne and Bob Dylan indulging in a bit of history with his Early Roman Kings. Speaking of Dylan we’ve also got Hendrix with BBKing jamming to Like a Rolling Stone. How bout some Hammond B3 driven Polish rock from the 1960s? Or The Ipamenas bossa nova-ing in San Roque?


Altogether a delectable grab bag of sound, Dance of the Flaming Sword is corker of a way to groove your weekend away!


Track Listing:

01 Kokomo Me Baby [Mississippi Fred McDowell]

02 Chab Rassi [Cheikha Remitti]

03 Color In Between The Lines [Greyboy]

04 Cumbia sampuesana [Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Acordeones Dorades]

05 Montecarlo Beach [Adolfo Waltzman Orquesta]

06 Home at Last [Steely Dan]

07 Nikola [Rising Appalachia]

08 Dance of The Flaming Swords [Hugo Montenegro]

09 America [No Se]

10 Ide Dalej [Halina Frackowiak]

11 Cow Cow Boogie [Janet Seidel]

12 Venus [Eric Frater]

13 Baby I Love You [Cold Blood]

14 Cassius Clay [Denis Alcapone]

15 Kimble [Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry]

16 Green Pastures In The Sky [Larry Sparks]

17 Mi recorrida [Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto]

18 Early Roman Kings [Bob Dylan]

19 Hippo [Desmond Dekker]

20 San Roque [The Ipamenas]

21 Like A Rolling Stone [Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King and Butterfield Blues Band]

22 Desconocido Soy [David Byrne]




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