all the way from africa: mix tape of beats, melodies and rhythms

alll the way from africa

Welcome to the new version of Washerman’s Dog. I’ve given a bit of an explanation of how this version will be different from the original Dog and hope the splitting of South Asian music from the Rest of the World will work for everyone.

To get started I’ve put together another mixtape of African melodies, beats and rhythms that have been on frequent ‘Play’ mode on various devices in my world.

I know these have been appreciated by many of readers in the past so I hope this one lives up to that (perceived) standard.

Track Listing:

01 N’Borin [Bembeya Jazz National]

02 Tokoma ba camarade pamba [Franco]

03 Ennemi toton [Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band International]

04 Sidi Bu Derbala [Abderrahmane Paco]

05 Intriya Ag Babo[Taliat]

06 Mataraden Anexan [Tinariwen]

07 Sum Bulala (Remix) [Brenda Fassie]

08 Kahn [Gigi]

09 Muume Wa Mtu [Dataz]

10 Ndinzwei Vari Pasi [Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena]

11 Yeheywete Heywet [Djemil ‘jimmy’ Mahmed]

12 Ayubu [Jerusalem Gospel Rumba]

13 Vyombo No.1 [Dar es Salaam Jazz Band]

14 Yes Indeed [Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas]

15 Muna Cikin Sanyi [Sani Danja]

16 Suru lo dara[ Melody Aces]

17 Generation Sacrifiee [Les Salopards]

18 Ye Ye de Smell [Fela and Ginger Baker]

19 Princeza Rita [Os Keizos]

20 Ndol’Asu [Henri Dikongue]

21 Talaka na miso [le Docteur Nico et l’orchestre African Fiesta]



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